De La Soul.


It was perfect for me.
I always liked the group and the shoe. Of the first two versions I liked the high version colorwise but I preferred low Dunks.

So they released them again recently in opposite matter. Meaning the color of the old high was now a low and vice versa.

But what does ‘SB’ stand for?

It is an abbreviation for ‘Skateboarding’, so it is a Dunk in a special skateboarding form, premium materials, added cushioning setup and usually a theme.


It was easily available for days and even went on sale. So it showed again how the Dunk SB isn’t the game’s favourite anymore as it used to be once.


It is a special SB Dunk so it has added ZoomAir in the insole.


The part on the side of the heel was inspired by the group’s first album cover.


Buying advice:
The only thing you couldn’t like is the thick tongue, but you could cut it open and extract the padding.
Get it if you want a comfortable, well executed shoe inspired by De La Soul.
Don’t get it if you run with the flock as the SB trend is over.

It is an us 8.