Stone Island.


That was somehow strange.

I expected it to immediately sell out
since Stone Island is one of the now popular ‘in’-brands.
But instead it was longer available than expected and selling out eventually.
I managed to get several pairs from several sources.


They managed to create a collab
which is more than a sneaker with a special name on it.


If you start at the box, it has a special Stone Island box,
special Stone Island paper and the overall construction is remarkable,
they really tried to make the Sock Dart more rugged
and suitable for hiking wear, while maintaining its breathability.

Compared to other collabs, it is a kind of throwback to better collabs.
It may be a bit more expensive as Stone Island usually sells for a bit more,
but it is really worth it and should hold up over years.


Buying advice:
Since the Sock Dart is really comfortable
and Stone Island is a sort of outdoor brand,
these excel when worn outdoors or even on a stroll through town.
Get it is you look for a collab sneaker that is comfy and still shreds off harsh weather.
Don’t get it if you think it is too expensive.

It is an us 8.