Well, my current state of mind:

I’ve been liking sneakers for some years
and lived through the basketball-,
Air Force 1- and Dunk SB-era among others.

But right now what’s going on
from a more and more commercialised interest area
where everyone, their mama and their grandma is collecting sneakers,
to the overwhelming flood of inputs from different social medias
so every 15 year old thinks he is the king of sneakerheads
because he bought one pair over 100€ at a big retailer.


I appreciate the passion about sneakers, so I appreciate it more
when somebody finds his beloved general release
years after first wanting them
than the newbie who just bought a 1000 € pair.

Another thing is the corresponding clothing and ‘rare’ other stuff.
When I started it was:
Nice shoe? Buy it.
Nowadays it is the hot shirt/ pants/ socks/ magazine / blog whatever.
No wonder a Mr. West could sell a white t-shirt for 80 $.
We live in a culture where a good quality, reasonably priced sweater is laughed at
while a overpriced, overhyped  brand gets its due.

And the industry reacts to the demand of the people
bringing ‘rare’ stuff almost weekly or even more often.
Back then you had some ‘rare’ brands,
now they even collaborate and selling for more money of course.

And today it’s:
‘Oh, didn’t get yesterdays rare release?
Wait a week max for the next.’


It has gotten more and more ridiculous.

I remember hesitating to spend 40 € on a t-shirt,
today the hyped shirts start at 70 €.
Tell your ‘normal’ parents you just spend 80 € on a t-shirt,
maybe they understand you maybe they put you in a mental institute.

I am a consequent person
so all that is left to do is concetrating on my own things,
letting the kids play and hoping it will turn again
so I may be more active again.
I still like sneakers but recently too many things
are cherished I just don’t like nor understand.


I was recently invited to a sneaker group on FB about selling and buying.
After giving it a chance I scrolled down and after like 20 posts
that only sold stuff I don’t really like, like Yeezys, Jordans, Fiegs and NMDs,
all overpriced, I exited the group again and thought:
‘The current generation is too much about hype
and doesn’t share my taste
nor my expectations of prices so why stay in there?’

.So I will keep writing my blog, stay in touch,
spend my money on other, even more expensive things
and watch you run around, chasing hype.

I’ve just checked a profile on Facebook.
First pic: Supreme hat, The North Face jacket
Second pic: Oakley glasses
Third pic: Vintage shoes
Forth pic: UNDFTD sweater
Not my culture…
‘They say ‘jump!’, and you say ‘how high?”

Guess I am a grumpy old man.

After the Yeezy release on the 11th of Feb,
I was only confirmed in my views.
It is too much frustration and despair nowadays.
I want to buy shoes I like, not maybe I get them, maybe not.