This one was among the first released colorways in 2000.
It is a retro though.


I rarely was this undecided in getting a shoe.
A red sneaker is usually quite flashy
and you can’t wear them without somebody noticing them.


I remember seeing the red OG and thinking: ‘They are nice.’.
But strangely when they were released as retros I didn’t have the urge to get them.
Now they were on sale, so it was a less big decision to get them.
Maybe they will grow on me over time.
And if not, at least I got a really comfy, minimal sneaker.

Buying advice:
It is among the most comfortable sneakers,
so there is not much reason against them.
Get it if you even just want a shoe to wear at home
but is wearable outside.
Don’t get it if you want your want long-lasting, heavy duty running shoe.

It is an us 8.