When it came out it wasn’t too easy to get.
But of course everybody got them and they ended up on sale shelves.

It was part of the ‘Reflective Pack’, which included two shoes, the other being a Air Max 2015. Turn on the lights and big parts of the upper reflect light.


It is another pair I don’t understand its reputation.
It is one of the most underrated shoes in recent times.

The Hyperfuse is a real understatement shoe as it is grey.
There was a womens-version almost similar but with a red sole and Swoosh.


It may be boring to some but that’s what I like about it. There are many rarer models and I’d prefer those.


It would be better if it was more breathable.
The Hyperfuse is pretty much as you might think of it:
It is an airtight layer around your foot.
In my view it is a lot better than the regular, recent Air Max 87s, because it is shaped more streamlined and beautiful.

Buying advice:
A grey shoe that’s underrated?
That’s like double undercover.
Now, some years after the release people begin to appreciate them.
Get it if you like the Hyperfuse and want a subtle color.
Don’t get it is you want your next breathable running shoe.

It is an us8.