Released recently, this ADV-version is an updated version of old Support-models.

I kinda like it and judging by how many stores were sold out and how quick they went out of adidas.de, many people did too.


Believe it or not, I ordered them 5 (!) times:

First regularily, then a second time, then I remembered the QIPU discount and ordered through them once more.
Then minutes after I got three emails, telling me the orders were cancelled with no explanation. I immadiately went on the product page and sizes were already thinning out. Ordered again. Cancelled again minutes after. As payment option I chose ‘invoice’ everytime, maybe that was the reason. So I ordered again, paying with Paypal this time…


Judging by how bad they sold in the aftermarket, it is obvious to say these were underappreciated by many. I guess in some months everybody will want one…
I got two for other people and I had to return one and the other was far from appreciated and finally returned too.

Again: Underappreciated.

Buying advice:
It is a new version of the Support, an adidas milestone.
The colors are as classic as can be.
Get it if you want a new, light, streamlined shoe
with some heritage clues.
Don’t get it if you are a Equipment purist.

It is an eur 40 2/3.