Bees n’ Honey.


For those that didn’t know:
Ventilators will always have a special place in my heart.
I just overall like the shape and materials.

Since I went empty handed with today’s releases by Nike (Jordan 4 Laser)
I got these really easy, even days after release there was still a full-size-run available.
Compared by Nike-standards this would be a ‘fail’.


I like that not everybody likes the Ventilator,
that makes getting them that much easier.

I actually don’t quite understand why these weren’t hyped more…

If you look at it:
Decent colorway, great materials, thoughtful and quite reasonable tagging by SNS,
be it the honeycomb on the tongue, the bee added to the Hexalite-logo on the heel or the simple black on black stitching of ‘SNS’ on the side of the heel…
Just all around a decent classic.
If you think of the Wu-Tang ‘Killabees’ it has another context as well.


Maybe it will rise price-wise in the aftermarket, but that will take a while as these were no instant sell-out.

After all,
I am happy getting these and with the price in mind I won’t regret them soon.
I think it is another example for hype & quality are not always on the same page…



Got them today and I love them.
They are done really well. The materials seem superior, even the laces (which are superb) have special tips.


And the inside is made of leather, which gives it a nice touch.
I even got a small portion of the honey which the first buyers got. Guess I was fast.


I only encountered one flaw:
The chinese kid sewing the tongue must’ve had a bad day…
Edges this crooked are usually a good sign for fake pairs. 🙂
But I guess we forgive other brands so much, we can overlook that.


Buying advice:
If you like it and don’t care about the hype (or missing thereof)
these are really good and won’t break the bank.
Get it if you rather have a collab with a good idea than a flashy one.
Don’t get it if it is too boring for you.

It is an us 7.