Studio iD.


What is a studio iD?

About ten years ago you could either design your iDs online
or you had to make an appointment in a special Nike iD studio,
which was not in a Nike Store.
Special about the studio was that there were other options available
than online, so you could easily tell if they were made in a studio.
After that, every Nike Store got an iD terminal.


I got them from a reseller and I don’t regret it.
The colors are well chosen and getting someone else’s iD?
Why not.

The old shape is just a beauty and the new one is a joke in comparison.

They lack the whole package, missing box etc. But I still like them.


I saw a blog yesterday with someone cherishing a new Air Max 1
(ONES ❤ !) as his best pair.
The only reason for that could be not knowing how good the old ones were.
That’s like ordering a pair off that wasn’t very popular
and declaring them as your best pair.

Just a laugh for me.
As I said somewhere else:
Grumpy, old man.

Buying advice:
Well, if you get your hands on one (they are quite rare),
take the opportunity.
Get it if you appreciate the old Air Max 87 and like something rare.
Don’t get it if you want a cheap thrill.

It is an us 8.