Altitude hold.

This one is rather minimal to fly at home.

I already got its bigger brother, the JXD 506G. But it is too big to fly at home.
You fly max 2 mtrs and have to hit the brakes or hit a wall.

Keep in mind though that the smaller version is a lot more dependent on wind,
so with a bit of wind outside, you may be able to fly the 506,
but the 510 will not even be able to take off.


It has smaller batteries and a flight time of about 5 minutes.

I really recommend this for beginners as it holds its altitude by itself.
So on a windless day you can start it and
it (almost) hovers in one place, after trimming.
So it is a view in the hobby that (real) drone flying is.
It is still reasonably cheap,
but has some features
that make flying a lot more fun than the cheap ones.

I would not recommend Headless mode,
I tried it many times and it didn’t really work flawless.


Additional batteries are cheap and almost necessary
if you want to fly longer than 5 mins.

Oh, by the way, it has a camera on board so you can get a taste of aerial photography too. It is a ok camera, producing a lot of jello out the box,
but for a aerial view?
Good enough.

There are videos that show you
how to eliminate the vibrations on the camera which cause a lot of jello.

Crashes are inevitable as a beginner so it is nice to know that you can cheaply change almost all the parts if they are damaged.

Buying advice:
It is a nice small drone with some aids that excels indoor
but may fly outdoors too.
The camera quality is ok, so avoid it
if you want to take perfect aerial pics.
Get it if you want to take a look in the hobby
and want some aids without spending too much money.
Don’t get it if you want the best.

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Get it!


Tried several batteries and while they all work, the flight times differ.

600 mAh, 3.7v -> 6 minutes of flight (no camera)
850 mAh, 3.7v -> 8 minutes of flight (no camera)
1200 mAh, 3.7v -> 10 minutes of flight (with camera)