Premium 2008.


It is one of the best infrared 90s I got. The infrared parts are much more vivid than the History of Air-Version, which is rather subtle.

I like the premium style of these.
A thicker mesh, the grey leather seems really thick and durable, the mudguard is made of ostrich-look leather and all the infrared pieces are clear.
And the inner is made from grey perforated leather instead of cotton.


It gets the job done of being a premium version of a classic without losing its soul.
I think it is really underappreciated. It is not the best infrared you can have,
but rather a really good premium version.
As an idea I’d love to see some other premium models from Nike,
think of Premium 87, Premium Stab or Premium Huarache.


Comparable is the recent patch-version, which has the same loud colors.

Buying advice:
It is a premium version that manages to keep the soul of the original.
All materials are the same, just better.
Again, the infrared is bright, so a recommendation there too.
Get it if you appreciate the Infrared as the classic it is
but want a better premium version.
Don’t get it if you want a light summer shoe.

It is an us 8.