If you want to fly a quadcopter,
you need to know some things,
you shouldn’t go to the store, buy one and start flying right away,
without a worry on your mind.

Points to be aware of are:

  • Insurance?

    You are required to insure your flyer (in Germany),
    usually it is not included in your regular insurance
    so you have to procure an extra insurance
    which costs about 40-80€ a year.It may be irrelevant for a small flyer,
    but for a bigger one,
    that may cause damage, it is essential.
    It makes sense, you fly a lot more calm if you’re not trying to hit anything.
    imagine hitting a pedestrian,
    your existence can be wasted for a little bit of fun.



Difference between toys and professional drones.

  • Don’t expect to be a good flyer from the start

    Don’t buy an expensive one right away,
    I recommend thrashing some smaller, cheaper toys first to gain some experience.Nowadays a drone with some decent features like a camera
    is affordable and you can have some fun with it.

    I am not talking about professional videos of landmarks or similar.
    But let your drone fly in your backyard
    and take some pics of yourself, the dog or the kids playing?
    You don’t need a 500€ camera/drone for that. img_6031

  • Youtube?

    I recommend watching the many reviews on Youtube before buying
    but remember:
    The people doing the videos are usually experienced flyers,
    they don’t have a problem with holding the altitude by themselves,
    for example.
    And yes, you can learn a lot in those videos
    but don’t expect to learn everything.


  • Evaluate yourself 

    Meaning ask yourself ‘What do I want?’Do you just want to fly a bit and maybe take some aerial pics or selfies?
    Get a drone with some aids, that don’t need you to learn flying.
    Parrot Minidrones can be flown easily and are not too expensive.
    Image quality is lacking though.
    The DJI Spark may be a good but expensive option.

    Do I want to get in the hobby and actually learn to fly?
    That way get a starter drone with less aids
    to actually learn to control your bird.
    A MJX Bugs 3 for example.

The german laws have been overworked
so the newest version is from 4/2017.

I’ve flown some drones (about 5)
so I consider myself a beginner with a bit of view.

What I forgot:

Don’t underestimate it!
If you get a RC-car, you charge it up and away you go.
Not with drones.
Be aware of the restrictions, laws and fly with common sense!
Flying without common sense leads to stricter laws
and making the hobby harder for enthusiasts.
Don’t be that guy!

On the topic of a lost drone:

I recommend a GPS-tracker with a portable navigation device
and in combination a DroneKeeper (mini).

That way if it crashes somewhere
the GPS-tracker gives you the coordinates
you can approach with the navigation device in GPS accuracy
(at least 5m radius) and it beeps through the DroneKeeper
so not finding it is almost impossible.
Trust me, I know. I’ve already lost a 200+ € drone…