Footpatrol recently (!) had a full sizerun restock (in other words: All sizes) and I luckily got mine.

The inspiration was the famous ‘Encyclopaedia Britannica’.


So it is black with golden accents and a little red.

New Balance is known for high quality execution and this pair is an example for it.
It surprised me as even the smooth leather is top notch.


There are three pairs of laces included, a golden, a black and a red one.
The gold one really has golden strands in it, not just golden coloured.


It may look almost like a general release, but the logo on the inside is another color than on the outside.


Another collab that is not really colorful and ‘loud’,
and without a big name on it,but well executed,
a nice idea and a nice color scheme.

Footpatrol has some of the nicest collabs out there with
the Gel Saga, Gel Lyte III, Gel Kayano, Superstar and ZX 800 AZX,
I even liked the Pump Fury.


I immediately liked it but I wasn’t ready to pay the reseller’s prices for these.
So I was even happier with the restock.
It is well done, nice materials, color goes with everything and it is a Footpatrol collab.
The only thing you couldĀ  say against it that it has a leather toebox, no mesh.

Buying advice:
Get it if you want a collab that is made of nice materials, is really inconspicuous,
well done and can be worn to almost anything, colorwise.
Don’t get it it if you only like mesh shoes.

It is an us 7.5.


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