And I didn’t pay those ridiculous reseller-prices.

If looked at, they are well done. Apart from the NikeLab-Box and packaging, they have a sort of Hyperfuse-upper which gives them a bit of a plasticky look, more than the Air Max 87 Patch.


I don’t mind that much and I am pleased to see the infrared is as bright as ever, the History of Air-Versions had a more ‘decent’ shade of infrared.

They were restocked many times so chances were good to pick them up.


The Infrared was released several times, in different versions or the regular one, it is one of Nike’s evergreens. I like the 25th anniversary editions though, like the cork or crocodile infrared.

If you ask me, the ‘Infrared’ has fans all across ages and layers, not only the usual sneaker-lover likes them.

‘Patch’ because all the logos must be attached to velcro backed places on the shoe, several options are included.

As all the other Air Max 90, this one has the sole of his father, the Air Max 87, stamped on the insole.


Buying advice:

It is a bit different Infrared, and a NikeLab-release on top, so it is a bit exclusive.
The infrared color is vibrant so it is a good version to choose.
The patches give you nice opportunities to customise your pair.
The upper may be hyperfused in part but it still features breathable material so it is no airtight box.

It is an us 8.


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