Why am I always pushing Twitter?

When you wait on releases, you watch one, maybe two pages.

If you watch Twitter, you get the direct link to many more shops, so even when you aren’t successful on your main sites, you don’t miss the releases.
You can activate notifications on your cell phone so you don’t have to watch actively.
On your computer, a special Chrome/Opera App is necessary, like:
Notifier for Twitter

Another help is the page monitor, it watches a site or a designed area and notifies you.
For example, you immediately know, when the Yeezy drops at adidas (usually released at a random time)…
Page Monitor

Another point is restocks.
There are many occasions when a retailer puts a popular model back in stock due to returns or whatever.
Buy how do you know about them?
Follow some pages on Twitter…

Did you know Footpatrol in England just had a restock of the Black Toe Jordan 1?

If you cry over missed releases, did you really try?