A former must-have.


There was a time not too long ago when vintage was really trendy and this shoe was one of the few everybody wanted.

But why was it so popular?

I guess in part because it is one pair that could be easily worn without disintegrating.


Otherwise although I’d like to think that everybody knew that, but I suspect that some people knew about them, made some nice pics and the rest was like: “ME TOO!” as taste is no wide phenomenon.

It was one of those pairs dads hated because their little girl wanted them bad and daddy had to pay like 300 € for them.


It is from a time when Nike was more of a performance, less of a sportswear brand.

It is definetly one of the rarer colorways, the others do come up more often.

That pic made me smile:

(I can’t remembar the uploader, so as long as nobody cries…)



For once, why do you only see one shoe?

But the best part:

They are not a little, but obviously like 3 sizes too big. It shows how some people treated vintage shoes:

As long as they could show them off on their feet in one of the many groups on Facebook, who cares that they don’t fit?

It is about getting the rep, not wearing shoes.

Buying advice:
Hmmm, tough to say.
It is definetly a nice classic you don’t have to worry about disinteghration after every step. It is only available on the second hand market though and many people sell them for quite a bit. So if you come across a reasonable priced pair, snatch it up.


It is a us 8 and it is ok.


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