Nike just released a shoe inspired by the classic Chapuka.

The upper looks similar with some small changes, so it is similarily breathable than the original, so it should be a good summer shoe.

But this time another sole is under the shoe.

It is the sole from another classic, the Talaria.

The idea itself isn’t that bad as the new sole now has ZoomAir which is also visible through the sole.


That’s where the difference in the name came around:
Chapuka + Talaria = Chalapuka

The price is just a joke.

Fans of the old one expect a retro that is almost the same as the old one.

Does Nike really think somebody will pay 210 € for a inspired-by-‘retro’?

These will hit sale-racks (my opinion).

The prominent side panel is plastic on the original and leather on the Chalapuka.

Included are three pairs of laces: A blue, white and brown pair.


I would endorse it with some better designs and a better price.

It is an us 8.


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