Under the radar.


The Fury Road is truly one of my favourites.

I checked some shop-site and they had them, I was surprised. I usually follow many sites that show you any coming releases but these weren’t mentioned anywhere.

Although the colorway screamed “FRANCE”, I still got them.
Would’ve preferred a white and blue shoe, without the red.

If you want to speculate, I’d say the model was a bit more ‘normal’ than the regular Pump Fury which might have attracted the more conservative runner of that time.

The sole is rather conventional compared to the carbon construction its brother has.


I’d say the regular Fury was more for those competition days while the Road was pointed at the recreational runner at home.

What should be mentioned that the original version of ~1992 is still wearable (surprisingly), the glue might be old and fail but no cracking.

This is my third pair, but it is really underappreciated by Reebok.
They made a super flashy ‘Stash’-version but apart from that,
there weren’t too many¬† releases to my knowledge apart from the OGs (Garbstore had one).

I think there could be good collabs on this model. Choose a good color, add your logo on the heel, can’t miss.


The whole ‘InstaPump’-stuff is amazing, I think.

It is supposed to emancipate the Pump-technology that used to make the fit better additionally to regular lacing.

The ‘InstaPump’ tries to make a shoe based on the Pump,
with no laces added, and make it visible by the way.

It used to be a bladder in the tongue and shoe and you weren’t really sure if it works at all.
With these you can actually see the bladder inflating.

I think they made Pump-shoes that weren’t really functional, just for the looks,
but these do work. Respect to Reebok for making these work as the trend goes to the cheapest retro possible, no matter if they work or not.


Also the whole ‘Inflator’-device came in the mix back then to avoid pumping.

Recently I even got one from back then.

But everybody thinking about getting one:
Don’t plan on using it though as the rubber fittings got hard over time and make using it impossible.


Buying advice:
A retro model that still looks modern today, is comfortable and technical?
If you like the look, go with it.
If you get a original from then it may still be wearable.

It is an eur 40.


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