I think they are one of the better Air Max in recent times.

Last one I liked was the 2011.

I made a grey/ black/ volt pair, which almost works every time.

It is quite hard to stay true to your design in mind with all the options available. You can do a pair that is completely of gradient colors, top to bottom as every part offers a “gradient” option.

5I think that iDs with a more decent colorscheme work better over a long period of time as some of the more colorful versions. Some people seem to think:

“Oh, look! More colors don’t cost additinal fees! Let’s put some more on it!”

All I did was think like “volt and grey/ black”, that’s it. And don’t get distracted from your first idea, if you think of taking another option rather let it be…

But the retail of like 235 € is just a joke on Nike iD, it raises the stakes even more, as most people will think three times before ordering.

No just-for-fun-pairs…

Nice to see three of Nike’s key technologies work together. It is clearly a shoe made of computerised stitching (EM), the straps on the sides suggest “Flywire” and on the tip there’s a reinforced part that seems like the famous “Tape”-technology.A nice touch is that the shoe is basically a sock, should be wearable with no laces. The first three laceholes are strictly Flywire, no added hole. The first lacehole is under the fourth pairing;  it is just a sock-like shoe underneath it.


For the swoosh I chose a stripe-pattern, that actually makes the logo almost disappear.

A nice detail that screams “somebody thought about that!” is the upmost lacehole. As the EM material wouldn’t hold the stress of lacing them tightly, somebody reinforced the hole. Well done.


I rarely was this satisfied with a custom shoe. They are constructed well and the parts that were a bit different than the pic make it even better. There’s nothing I would’ve changed. Strangely they won’t accept a “Nike+”-sensor.

Guess I am happy with these nevertheless although they are expensive.


It is an us 8.

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