The famous “Bloodbath”.


I actually tried to get these starting at 0:00 until 3:00 in the night, finally got them the following day at 3:30 pm. After trying like 10 sites, all immediately selling out.

Especially frustrating is that I had two pairs in the cart at one site and Paypal called me to verify my account. That call was about one minute too long.


These are truly superior and I couldn’t be happier. I almost gave up hope. As in a Hollywood-movie: Almost the last try worked.

I went on SNS and tried my size (and a half up/down). It always showed “in another cart”.¬† I kept trying and most of the sizes were disappearing.


At last there was still a us 6 and a us 8.5 (my usual Puma-size) available. My hopes faded but finally it was in my cart. That ‘reserved’ function¬†(they reserve a pair for you for 10 minutes with some shoes) as Nike.com does is really good, I tried several options at the payment and I still got mine anyway.

Another story that boosted my anticipation:

END made an error and released them really early. They wanted to put the countdown page online but released them for sale by mistake. I was quick enough to order but later I got a cancellation and an excuse.

The whole package is just a fine example to even show “normal” people why I like shoes so much.

  • There’s a huge box
  • Lined with foam
  • Extra sharktooth keyring
  • Extra laces in a special “Sneaker Freaker”-bag
  • Extra insoles

I got the “black beast” back then, which was a lot easier by comparison. I only went on one site and ordered. Quite easy.

The same day a Jordan 1 “UNC/ powder blue” came which I didn’t even get one pair (and they were a general release), at least I got these.


It is my standard eur 41.


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