A guideline how to make secure deals, because I was asked several times.

The gift (or “friends & family”) option should be reserved for friends or known trusted sellers.

Don’t just send money to strangers!

Checking feedback should be quite easy, as sites like Ebay and Klekt have enough feedback to check out, even detailed. No feedback and only bank transfer as payment option?

I’d have my doubts.

Many people think that bank transfer is more secure than Paypal.

That’s just wrong.

When using Paypal all the seller gets is the buyer’s email-adress, when doing a bank transfer he may have access to your bank data.

If there is a problem, you can file a claim on Paypal with two clicks. Going to the bank is already more work and even then you can’t simply return a bank transfer, you have to prove there was a mistake, which is not too easy to claim.

TriaxI was a referee in a case where a seller sold a yellowed shoe without saying so. The buyer was disappointed and after a talk with the seller, he turned to Paypal.

They said the seller (!) was right, because the buyer’s protection doesn’t cover deals from chats (as done on many Facebook-groups). As a result: The buyer didn’t get his money back, although Paypal is mainly buyer orientated.

So using Paypal the regular way is just stupid:

You pay for a service that may not even apply.

FootscapeSo if you want to use Paypal safely as a buyer, let the seller send an


(there are three methods on Paypal: Gift. regular and via invoice).

This option is not available on a smartphone, so the seller may have to use a computer. If the seller doesn’t want to, it is a sign for potential scamming or laziness, both reasons to say:

Fuck you.

Otherwise you can sell through Klekt, as the item is still available after selling it and Paypal can see:

“Oh, the money was paid for that.”

Hua (3)The invoice helps tying the goods to the money, important for buyer’s/ seller’s protection.

For the protection you pay the fee by Paypal, most people charge like 4%, but it is a small price for protection.

As a seller only (!) send to the adress noted at Paypal, if it is wrong, let the buyer change it first.

Buyers have the wildest excuses for a changed adress, like a “burned down house”, you can easily dismiss these propable lies by doing it the right way, if a buyer doesn’t help you, his motives are obvious.
If a house is really burned down, he can state a friend’s adress and the seller sends there, easy.


Sending to another adress enables the buyer to get his money back easily as the seller didn’t sent to the correct adress. And proving different can be hard to do.

And don’t save like max 2 € on insurance and tracking. To be available for seller’s protection you need to send with tracking.

Also keep ALL the documents and receipts, don’t throw them away. I think the buyer can file a complaint for 180 days (!) after the purchase.

(Except for fakes, complaining too late results in a denial, even with fakes.)

FluxAlso it is a good idea to buy your packages online.

Not even do you only have to give up the package at your office, no money needed,

you actually get a receipt stating all the necessary information on one sheet: both adresses and the tracking code. This is important as you rarely get the same proof in an office.

And you need that receipt to qualify for seller’s protection

Doom2Oh, and by the way: Online is cheaper too.

So as a buyer:

  • request an invoice

as a seller

  • send with tracking
  • send only to the adress provided by Paypal
  • buy shipping online

If you had good deals without using these guidelines, you were lucky, these only minimise the points to get scammed.

It is also easier to do it right the first time than to chase your money afterwards.

So think before you leap.

KayanoOh, and I called Paypal how to avoid the “item not as described”-claim, even after I said:

“Then I won’t offer Paypal through Ebay anymore.”

They couldn’t tell me an answer.

So if you offer Paypal through Ebay you pay the fees and the buyer can send you rocks back and gets his money…

Even if you claim “No returns!”, when Paypal sees the receipt from the shipment back, they will refund the money.

180Nowadays everybody expects Paypal on Ebay, so out of 5 deals, without Paypal, at least like 3 are cancelled.

Not because the seller expected Paypal, no, because nothing happens after the ending of the auction. That is my experience in many deals, sad but true.

“Oh, no Paypal? I don’t have to do anything.”

Damn smartphone-zombies, although online-banking should have an app too, I guess.

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