…again, what’s on my mind:

What the ‘game’ should be like:


Everybody should get the shoes they want from the retailer, no shoes are sold in bulk to sell, no “one per customer” is overidden. And no “friends got my 10 pairs”.

Buyers actually try to get a shoe, and don’t get on a site a day after and then complain. “Bad resellers!” comes in handy then. Sure, the bad resellers are guilty you slept on the release.

I remember a time when shoes didn’t sell out instantly, but hoping for these days to come back is like believing in Santa Claus. So accept the status quo and accept that you have to do a bit of work nowadays. It is no longer “just buying shoes”. When you are stubborn about that it only leaves you with one thing: A lot less shoes.

People should find other places to make money and leave the shoes to the people that want to have them.


People that don’t want them do nothing or at least get them for reasonable prices. Resellers only have a bad rep because of high prices, if they sold cheap, no one would be pissed.

It is a story seen best from both sides though:
You want people to envy your shoes and look at them but the same you hate the whole reselling-game and prices set by offer and demand sometimes.
You want kids to look at dem Independence Days on your feet, but at the same time you hate people selling them for much money?

Sounds a bit hypocrite to me.


No limited release is found on any of the sites for sale after release for hundreds of €. Get a real job, think about €/ hour if you camp a week to sell them. Every trashman makes more than a (dumb) reseller.

If you’re a collector who NEEDS a shoe, you may spend more, but reselling shouldn’t be a broad phenomenon, living off the little daughter/son, that really needs Yeezys/ Independence Day/ some vintage shoe to impress his/ her friends at school and daddy has to pay any amount.

Reselling isn’t bad because of the sellers, it is bad because people actually pay the prices.
But I guess it’s easier to wear what everybody likes instead of showing your OWN taste.

These things need to be said once and I am not going to tell you my opinion on that everytime.