What is your opinion towards these ‘resellers’?


I thought about it and charging too much for shoes is killing the whole “society”. After paying more than retail for one pair I said to myself: “Never again.” I even told one seller, after he told me about the “market-value” of some shoes, “So 70 € of profit is not enough? NEXT!”

I always say, not every reseller is bad. There are people online at the right moment and getting the shoes and selling for a bit more. What is 10mins of being online worth?


But seeing some guys paying for their next car or holiday by selling shoes for a shitload of money just makes me sick.
The following pic I found online and made me think.

“So, he was lucky in 10 shops! On two occasions.”

Sure, he didn’t get all those pairs the regular way. Either he got them through a friend or went to the store with 15 friends to get a pair for him. And showing them off is another story. Maybe he shows off stolen property too?
“LOOK AT ME! I got ten pairs and you didn’t get one! HA!”


“LOOK AT ME! Got your television from your living room and you didn’t catch me!”


“Market-value” is the most stupid thing to me. Ask yourself: What did I pay? Add a bit and off you go. You’ll please somebody searching these shoes without losing money. Don’t look at what other people charge.
I am a believer in “Karma”, and who knows? The person who is happy for buying reasonably from you might help you next time.
It is less rude than saying:
“FUCK YOU! I got your money, ha!”


A thought, pt II